29 February 2020

We were told to stay indoors — if we can
I belonged to those who are allowed to work
How little has changed, actually, in a year’s time
Also now we say, ‘Only a few more months’
But now, a Mediterranean Sun vacation is less likely
The State has paid business owners’ rent, also now
Today, people say, covid is to stay coming years
Most of us aren’t used to what now adheres
People elected the same State back, despite its ills
In the end, they trust its anti covid19 policy.


March 18: Flash Fiction Challenge

4 Replies to “29 February 2020”

    1. TBH, I think this government would normally have been dismissed by the voters. Because the scandals were hefty. Now, everybody worries about new corona policies. Insecurities makes them come back.a

  1. People were so happy to welcome the new year as if it was going to change anything…
    People change their minds in regards to if this will stay…
    So true about the elections…
    It’s as if we froze in time somewhat…

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