Good Conversation Topics

The weather — Its might, variation

News & politics, what they do to us

Hobby, achievement, profession

Sometimes, personal events & emotion,

But we all must be privacy conscious



I saw the snow fall again

This Spring day

Do I complain?

Other days gave too strong a Sun ray


Gas, grass or, sassafras

When I travel abroad, in order to deter theft, I always make sure to have several different wallets on me at all times. *** One in each pocket of my clothes. *** It’s like a shell game for pick-pockets. *** In one pocket there is a wallet with all my money & credit cards in […]

Gas, grass or, sassafras

Enjoyed this 🙂

Hysteric Charade

Did we ever watch such disaster

As yesterday’s charade in parliament?

Has the PM tried to dump a criticaster,

Who now suffers predicament?