What if things don’t run as planned

~ Even if only slightly ~

You can only stick to your guns & see

To it that now they get properly uncanned


Racism Day Today

Testimonies, discussion

As before, now in corona situation

Good byproducts: No war;

Right wing extremism shrank very far


Sunshine & Rain

Sunshine follows rain swiftly,

These days

Yellow turns green gradually

Also under stronger Sunrays



This modest blossom

Gives Summer its extra scent

Forbode of more wealth


(Image thanks to


I’ve tried to find out what it is:

The magic of a place, feeling, event, text

Maybe expectation, outlook of what’s next,

Combination of qualities — or better leave it as is?



Strong wind, less heat

Some of us, on their feet

Towards work

Others, in their home based network