Our Greatest Love

Pets are members of the family

Even arts & crafts are devoted to them

Also I, spent afternoons painting them

Now, it’s a fond memory



Thanks for the challenge, Pensivity101


Surprisingly many daytime festivals

Take place this time of year

Harvest & neighborhood festivals

Endings & beginnings are fav themes here


Saturday Morning

Daily Observation

Over the river floats a thin haze
A man fishing peaceful is his gaze
Trush and robin sing somewhere in the trees
From the shore sounds a group of geese

The first elderly shoppers appear
On Saturday morning it’s not the young we hear
The young sleep off Friday night
Their night of might

Let slow down the world on Saturday morning
The sun rises sheep are bleating every morning
Sleep or a run in the park on Saturday morning
The sun rises all the same every morning


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Army chopper above us,

As a notorious gang is brought to court

Beyoncé on the radio; minus & plus

Are concepts I wrestle with, as I sort

My papers ~ to disallow others to discuss