Blue tits have flewn out

Abundant blue & yellow; their voices swell

My 3 years broccoli tree is doing just swell

Thousands of edible seeds sprout



Thanks for the challenge, Fandango 💛

Mild Summer

The mild Summer weather has started

Amazing skies, soft wind in the foliage

Alas, my scent sensation isn’t whole hearted

Earlier, pandemic visitors didn’t even rage



After midnight, clouds get Sun light

This year’s planet parade is visible

My crops change & fight

I’ve learned which parts are edible


Summer Solstice

I tried to get up for the five planet parade

~ And slept like a baby

Now, this unique formation appears daily

It has the sky in festive mode arrayed


Enjoy Summer, or Winter ⛱️❄️🔴🟠🟡🔵🟣

This June

Excellent temperature

White clouds, modest actors on a blue stage

Some wind whispers the foliage

How long it will last, is never sure


ESC Saturday

There’s a nice buzz in the street

You know who else will and will not

Watch slightly bizarre, sometimes sweet

Contestants who sing what they wrought