Last Chores

Anyone with some kind of business

Will know this is the time

To bring last bits of finesse

To loose ends that aren’t yet sublime


Light Festival

Don’t all religions have a common festivity:

They all have a light celebration

Hanukkah, Christmas, Ramadan, Diwali

Only Islam makes it no Winter celebration



In a few more days, December

Will appear on our calender

Then again, we don’t know for sure

How much more is left in nature



The first dark day of November

More Summersun than I can remember

Did I see this month ~ strange it is

Now water replaces the Sunlight dosis


Like September

People sitting outdoors, these sunny days

Most trees still fairly green, this November

Nothing reminds us of Winter

No mist, daytime darkness or frost days


All Souls

This year, I commemorate

The deceased I don’t know in person

I don’t know details of their fate

Bless their souls, may good memories run



Perhaps busiest month of the year

Wrapping up stuff before end of the year

Sliding into Winter & the dark days

It’s also comforting in many ways