Candle Merriment

Times to enjoy candles have returned

There’s extra benefit now propagated

They are good alternative to gas supply

I just enjoy & may not need to ask why

@douryeh 🕯🌕

Summer Day

As if we were in northern Italy

Again, the bright light astounds me

News report says, also birds change

As a result of climate change


Daily Haibun, August 21th – Golden Harvest Moon

The deep blue sky is filled with a golden harvest moon. Filling my heart with joy. Calming my whirlwind mind. Making me draw deeper calmer breaths. Filling my imagination with energy that let’s imagination take flight.Blessing me with seeds of dreams to cultivate tonight. Golden harvest moon Together with blue Neptune Bestow mystic boons ©RedCat […]

Daily Haibun, August 21th – Golden Harvest Moon

Thanks for sharing — Enjoyed this a lot 💙🌕


Earlier, longer darkness

Gives a first Autumn finesse

There’s no Autumn chill yet

In this strange Summer we’ve met