Indian Farmers

Dutch farmers probably looked

At their colleagues in India

It’s positive results the colleagues booked

But, the EU now holds colonial custodia



Army chopper above us,

As a notorious gang is brought to court

Beyoncé on the radio; minus & plus

Are concepts I wrestle with, as I sort

My papers ~ to disallow others to discuss


Mild Summer

The mild Summer weather has started

Amazing skies, soft wind in the foliage

Alas, my scent sensation isn’t whole hearted

Earlier, pandemic visitors didn’t even rage



After midnight, clouds get Sun light

This year’s planet parade is visible

My crops change & fight

I’ve learned which parts are edible


Without Saddle

Somebody said today: ‘Unlike before,

People can’t ride a horse anymore

Without a saddle’ — Meaning the most

Of their mprovisation skills, they lost



It isn’t over yet

A few days flew symptoms

Can bring a various complaint set

What happens, when Autumn comes?



I had promised others & myself

Progress on a difficult job

Difficult, after corona, a full shelf

But, I can’t afford being a slob


Rain Relief

The Sun is hiding

While our creatures are drinking

And most of us are working

A lovely Monday worth remembering