Lockdown Partially Lifted

Institutes of higher education reopen

Shops reopen at daytime

When, finally, will life reopen?

For looking inward, we’ve had too much time



Around me, I notice illness appear

I wish I could relieve anguish, fear

All I can do, is say a word; do shopping

And devote a plea while praying

Best wishes to all those suffering


A Gluten Word

Care for some kitchen time saving?

Make yourself an almond pudding

Instead of a sandwich

It’s an easy, energizing switch



Most people enjoy leisure

Also now, when life is still unsure

Crowds outdoors aren’t back yet

Times are maybe over for a fun bet


Today’s Vibe

The weather was so amazing

Yet, most of us, need working

Fatigue; waiting for leisure,

Of which we aren’t yet wholly sure