Not Yet Post-Corona — Daily Observation

We all decided The pandemic is sort of over Yet, cases soar – no one can hide it Social distancing isn’t over @douryeh

Not Yet Post-Corona — Daily Observation

Corona’s fall wave is said to be over already

It seems so far away: The lockdown, evening clock

Social distancing ~ now that we seem solid as a rock

Some complaints left, yet, the rest is now a remote memory



What’s not to love about this

Ultimate example of human genius

Yet, we don’t want to choke in the bliss’

Leftovers and indestructable surplus


Starry Night

Like an umbrella, the firmament

Stretches over my balcony

The velvet blue & alluring shine, so tiny,

Are an infinite, yet positive encirclement



Water pearls containing the cosmos

My idea of dew, in a garden or balcony

Early morning, it’s a reality that once was

After global warning, it’s drought we see


Urban Farm

Different talents, traditions & expertise

Make a various, prosperous farm

Now I say, amidst climate alarm,

We need urban farming as a practise