World Water Day

Today, a quite vital element

Is commemorated ~ the King is now

In New York to discuss water management

Your brain is 75% water ~ please, bow

Your head, be humble for a moment



I realize I’ve been lucky so far

Regarding covid ~

Thrice was I caught by its radar

But so far, not too much harm it did


How Could Embroidered QR Code Patches Help Your Business Grow?

There is no denying the internet’s enormous potential to help businesses communicate with and reach out to potential customers as well as to convey brand messages. Whether small or large, almost every business has its presence on the internet and uses a number of the most powerful promotion tools, such as social media, video content, […]

How Could Embroidered QR Code Patches Help Your Business Grow?

I hadn’t thought about this yet… Thanks for sharing 💛