USA & Democratic Victory

It may bring resumed warfare

& Imperialistic trade agreements

These are known nightmares

& Many peoples’ predicaments


5G Mast

A medal for the person

Who can explain me,

Hence stems the hatred & aggression

Against this phone commodity


Neighborhood Stroll

Nothing special, just enjoying

Then, this jewel did I see:

A newly planted exotic tree

A surprise gift I’m welcoming


Natural Enemy

Who would have ever thought:

Humanity has a fierce enemy,

Perhaps not even wrought

By Satan’s army


Poetic Disclaimer

I only use real life met situations

As models for allegoric comparisons

People & thoughts now & before

Real life gives genuine metaphores



It brightens your day,

To look at it with less judgment

Yet, you also want a safe, true way

In between is the route of merriment