Winter Became History

Intense bright days since Sun power rise

Maybe a week of genuine cold

Grass growth no longer on hold

Life is easier, but I miss snow & ice


Lucid Dream

I was teacher at a ship design college

I had a visitor, one of my best friends

I showed her an amazing, real live design,

One of others, of a cargo load system

One of my students was an actor of

The former theater group I was member of

We, and a 2nd teacher, admired his system

An amazing, perhaps not modern design

A dream with real life friends

At a very real college


Lucid Dream

Eight years ago, I had this dream. I even made a poem about it. I’m not sure what it means, especially who the rabbit is. The rabbit could also be me. I’m not sure, if it’s a prediction, a warning, or just a story. Several applicable, yet very different situations, played a role in my life. I’ve always had lucid dreams. Last decade, they came more often and had a stronger impact on me.