Self Driving Bus

After release, the self driving bus drove

At moderate speed, past the grove

This ride, no need to rectify the bus

In the obtuse curve ~ earlier it challenged us


Thanks for the challenge, Pensivity101 💛


Unheard of before:

Travel is becoming a lot more

Strangely difficult ~ in this country

No trains, little airport security

Will we see more?


Keep It Small

There’s no need to travel far

If you want to have a good time

In your town, you also see planet & star

Nice to know, after vacation time


Foreign Travel

One of our best teachers

Is foreign culture, climate, dominion

It’s effective to use our observation,

Away from from opinion leaders



I’ve enjoyed the frequent luxury

Of frequent air travel — it set me free

Is it coming to an end now?

Global warming, no workforce, disallow


The Local Square

It’s a meeting point between groups

Of different ages & nationalities

That’s not only joint BBQs & soups

It’s also clashes of people one sees