Foreign Travel

One of our best teachers

Is foreign culture, climate, dominion

It’s effective to use our observation,

Away from from opinion leaders



I’ve enjoyed the frequent luxury

Of frequent air travel — it set me free

Is it coming to an end now?

Global warming, no workforce, disallow


The Local Square

It’s a meeting point between groups

Of different ages & nationalities

That’s not only joint BBQs & soups

It’s also clashes of people one sees


You Can Now Visit The African American History Museum Virtually

Anyone who’s been to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture will speak of its elevator ride through time, which takes visitors from the present day to the 15th century and kicks off the first exhibit, Slavery & Freedom. With the launch of a new virtual platform, visitors can now travel on the […]

You Can Now Visit The African American History Museum Virtually

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