#TTC #757

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Hollow words & empty fields Can’t satisfy the need for Wisdom & nutrition that we work for They bring no yields @douryeh https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/2021/10/20/three-things-challenge-757/

#TTC #757

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Hysteric Charade

Did we ever watch such disaster

As yesterday’s charade in parliament?

Has the PM tried to dump a criticaster,

Who now suffers predicament?


New Efforts

Whatever they are,

It takes creativity

But also persistance & energy

Before they can ever take you far



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Fortunately, Nirmalya Fosters Fatherhood and Family First

Wherever you are, welcome to the Campfire! Benjamin here! My family is ever expanding to include some of you here at the Campfire. To all of my readers and extended family, I want you to know I am greatly appreciative. I thoroughly enjoy virtually roasting marshmallows and drinking coffee with you. Good Times! Family is […]

Fortunately, Nirmalya Fosters Fatherhood and Family First

I’ll share this; maybe people read this and consider hiring your friend 💚🍀