We don’t want to misunderstand

Those who matter most to us

Those who may hold our hand

It’s easy to miss the night’s last bus


Corny & Rustic Thought

Corny & rustic thought

Has a curve into a positivist, innocent spot

It is degraded by those who wrought

Urban, international, liberal thought

When it appears in political thought,

It is named, today, altright thought

Yet, it’s majority is nonfascist thought

The fall of the Berlin wall, it wrought

Maybe we should stop polarizing thought



There are milestone moments

When you need to make agreements

With others ~ to define future relations

To avoid insecurity & deceptions



Our castle is to protect

And, to invite from a safe place

A place to reflect

Or unwind the outward face



Monday, vacation or work day

This year, first day

Of the last full Summer month

Scary how crumbles another month


Life & Luck

Personally I think we live once

So, lessons & knowledge may matter less

Than experiencing a chance

I wonder why it is a structured process


Monday Thought

I ask myself what is the connection

Between nostalgia and guilt perception

There certainly is one

Comprehension is a match point won



Do I enjoy it enough,

I sometimes ask

So quickly, the festive mask

Is replaced by the one that’s rough

Just go out, with your water flask