Don’t Judge Your Child

It’s your duty to make them assertive

With advice, education

But, you have no authorization

To judge their capability or motive



Even not at work,

There may be a list of tasks

But, they may be fun


Our Different Situations

A picture just reminded of our many differences

Red, yellow, or brown soil; the life growing from them

Also our own preferences

A photo is only another observation stem


Old People

From them, we learn what love is

An old person among the friends,

Is a role model, who says

What’s true to the younger friends



What if things don’t run as planned

~ Even if only slightly ~

You can only stick to your guns & see

To it that now they get properly uncanned



I’ve tried to find out what it is:

The magic of a place, feeling, event, text

Maybe expectation, outlook of what’s next,

Combination of qualities — or better leave it as is?


Animal Symbolism

Cow, Snake, Eagle, Dog

World philosophies & religions

Give them different positions

Reading about it, removes the fog


Favorite Colour

To get a Weekend topic done ~

Have you ever had one?

(Most people have)

Mine, had to catch an eternal wave

Preceding pink, with heavenly blue, I’ve begun


5G Mast

A medal for the person

Who can explain me,

Hence stems the hatred & aggression

Against this phone commodity



A colleague’s decease

Is sad news by itself — but,

Worse when just retired