Racism Day Today

Testimonies, discussion

As before, now in corona situation

Good byproducts: No war;

Right wing extremism shrank very far


Donald Trump

No gentleman charm

But, something he did right:

No TTIP, so, no colonialism & its harm

Ending Mideast war, also was bright



I just wonder, why

European & Western peoples try,

At their own loss, invading Afghanistan

Already Iskander thought ‘I can’

Each time, Afghanistan made them cry



Could it be true, that

Even warfare has shrunk, since

COVID19 came?



Wanting to know the other

On the inside

Will bring to you, the other

Personality, capability, doesn’t hide



How can we deal with it?

By keeping an open mind

To each one of us


75 Years Peace

I was supposed to be part

Of the festive organisation

Instead, it was a home celebration

Our mayor gave us a gift from the ❤


Corona Bus

A medieval announcement call,

A van with speakers on top

Warns us to only hop

At home ~ but youth is in the mall

Motors, sunglasses; defying home wall