Lockdown Partially Lifted

Institutes of higher education reopen

Shops reopen at daytime

When, finally, will life reopen?

For looking inward, we’ve had too much time



A lesson for the USA coming decades will be

Solving disputes without the military

Even more so than for GB, Russia, France

This will be the learning path to enhance


(Trans)gender Question

Shouldn’t it be enough

To name yourself opposite gender,

Skip operation & treatments — is it f/bluff?

Is it overrated to ‘look & feel’ your gender?

The question is no part of my religion

Yet — why not choose without effort

Your gender is a personal dominion

Should only medical records report?

That from now, you can say freely:

I am (wo)man, who cares if you disagree


Happy International Men’s Day 2021

Introduction – International Men’s Day is observed every year on November 19 to celebrate and recognize the socioeconomic, cultural, and political achievements of men. The main purpose of International Men’s Day is to honor the contributions and achievements of men.  This day also honors the contributions of men to society, nation, community, childcare, family, and […]

Happy International Men’s Day 2021

International Men’s Day

Anything or anyone positive from the ranks of men deserves the holiday 💙🎂

Today’s News

Corona, lockdown, vaccin qr-code

The fascist party utters threats

To a leftist party lobbying for strong EU-abode

At least, enjoy the full Moon before it sets