American History 🤔


American History 🤔

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The Netherlands

Now, there’s a lot wrong with it

I’ve said it years ago: Leave socialism

~ And was ignored ~ again I say it:

The people need freedom; so, end feudalism


This Week

We’re in the middle of Eurovision

Sweden & Finland want to join NATO

The dollar nearly surpasses the euro

What else is in front of the horizon?


Trust in the King

The people lost some faith in the king

We shouldn’t forget, his mother was

Maybe our best head of state, when working

A proper bad king, imo so far he never was


Strange News

I read the other day

A young guy had sold his soul as an NFT

It sounds as a prank, but he is uneasy

How much weirder gets the play?



While leaders make a war call,

I stick for now to the small

After a sunny day, at night fall,

Daisies abloom close each petal