Young People

Young people live in the urban area

I sometimes see them as my children

By extension, as two are my bredren

Alas, mainly young people now spread corona



Last Fortnight

Schools began, but, how safe will it be

This Autumn, we’ll see

Worrying USA news we heard

Another black man shot by police without a word


EU :x

I expressed my concerns about it

Several times, before

Mockery or silencing, some saw as fit

Again, there’s malpractice galore


Netherlands & EU

The Netherlands will likely

Distance from the EU

It won’t leave fully,

But, won’t pay Spanish pension


Racism Day Today

Testimonies, discussion

As before, now in corona situation

Good byproducts: No war;

Right wing extremism shrank very far


Donald Trump

No gentleman charm

But, something he did right:

No TTIP, so, no colonialism & its harm

Ending Mideast war, also was bright