Unexpected Danger

The most idyllic places are under threat

Of murderers ~ innocence is their magnet

There’s worrisome news these days

Of how they strike in many ways


Personal Freedom

Old people say ‘My freedom is loneliness’

Younger people say, when trying finesse:

‘My freedom is your freedom’

And they grant or receive freedom


Simple Things

Simple objects & scenes make good topics

For designs, stories, poetry & pics

Simple things & ancdotes lead to happiness

They are within reach without finesse


Climate Change

Relatively low temperatures

In the Middle East

Mediterranean light, drought & its allures,

In northern countries ~ let’s enjoy the feast



People worldwide complain about inflation

But, it is usually a passive reaction

Do they really buy & use less?

A negative answer is my best guess


Coming Home

My second visit to the home of Islam

Outside Hajj season,

It’s like a family beach outing in ihram

Done when there’s someting to ponder upon