First Vacation Anecdote

Both airports were empty

No coughing in the plane

Empty streets in Munich city

I’d say, there’s only little gain



After several months of covid19,

Life somewhat normalizes

Most people aren’t keen,

Yet, at crowds & surprises



Could it be true, that

Even warfare has shrunk, since

COVID19 came?


75 Years Peace

I was supposed to be part

Of the festive organisation

Instead, it was a home celebration

Our mayor gave us a gift from the ❤


Corona Bus

A medieval announcement call,

A van with speakers on top

Warns us to only hop

At home ~ but youth is in the mall

Motors, sunglasses; defying home wall


I Sometimes Wonder

Could anybody have missed the news

There are enough clues

Living under a stone can’t be

Humanity is no longer free



It doesn’t discriminate

On status, wealth

A virus hits like a stealth

Leaders & followers, alas, meet their fate