Travel Traditionals

The coffee ~ perhaps, admittedly,

Overpriced & under quality;

The toblerone; loud Dutch people; security

The new thing is the small crowd only


Day of Disaster

Our famous crime reporter died today

Heavy floods in many countries

Corona spreads fast, said authorities

How can it be such a bad, sad day



I’m privileged, I’ve seen many places

So I’m not missing out a lot

Renewed measures will restrict a lot

Another Summer in familiar places



Most people enjoy leisure

Also now, when life is still unsure

Crowds outdoors aren’t back yet

Times are maybe over for a fun bet


Today’s Vibe

The weather was so amazing

Yet, most of us, need working

Fatigue; waiting for leisure,

Of which we aren’t yet wholly sure


More Freedom

Gorgeous weather — finally

Soon, lockdown almost lifted

Society revives carefully

We’ll see, what vaccines have us gifted