A New Skill

Me, I take for granted skills

Learned at young age,

Yet, difficult to learn at mature age

Candor is dusted under fear chills


Young People

Before, I was angry

When the elders used to shut me up

Now, I get the tendency

The words cause such pileup


A Twinkle In Their Eyes

Love this

Twinkie Talks

this post is in response to a daily prompt here

So this may be the first ever prompt where dont write any poetry or spewl out a fictional story with a subliminal message. Reading today’s prompt made me relive a happier time in my life in all of its nostalgic glory.

Ever since i was young there was one emotion that I identified most with. An emotion that truly lead the soul to euphoria and back and laid a bed out for us on the infamous cloud nine itself. That emotion as we all so dearly call it is and was happiness, joy; or simply put as bliss. Even as a mere child I knew the value of this emotion. The motivation it provides to change ones life and how its withdrawals cause people to lose the core of their soul.

Understanding all these facts about the great emotion itself…

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