Ten Years Here

In 2009, I started blogging

Via Hotmail

Then, a year later, Hotmail

Moved us to here — continued blogging

It’s been a solid home

I’ll continue my roam


Websites All Poets Should Visit

by Elle Vue 1. Publishing Tools: Poets & Writers: pw.org “Poets & Writers” posts about different writing contests, Literary Magazines, contains database to research different presses, advice articles on publishing, and guides. Submittable: submittable.com Magazines and presses post listings and ask for poets to submit their work for review. The listing usually states a topic, […]

Websites All Poets Should Visit

Thx for sharing 💛⭐

How relevant is Philosophy?

‘You don’t have to suddenly devote your life to this or read every book you can about it, just a single book can open your eyes and allow you to look at the world in a different way. After that you can start developing ideas for yourself.’

Precisely & thanks… takes a weight off our shoulders @}}-

‘The actual text itself being too complicated is another issue. Even if you do find a philosopher you’re interested it doesn’t do much good if you can’t understand their writing. This is where it begins to seem more like a chore than a beneficial experience’ … ‘A good majority of philosophy is irrelevant but that doesn’t discredit the whole profession. Philosophy shouldn’t be for the uptight college professors or the snobby people that read it to say they have. It should be aimed for all people because that’s who it will benefit.’

Read with a smile, but also very true. Philosophy isn’t ivory tower. It’s for all of us.

Thanks for your post.