Troops Back Home

The presence of many returned troops

~ Couldn’t it be the reason behind

The many USA military groups

The thought crossed my mind


Last Fortnight

Schools began, but, how safe will it be

This Autumn, we’ll see

Worrying USA news we heard

Another black man shot by police without a word


Trump’s Authority

Trump has good ideas on globalization

Alas, they get snowed under

By the anti-Islam blunder

Lost authority, is lost representation


Barack Obama

I’ll miss this president

On the one hand

He’s civilized, intelligent

Yet, to me, his policies were bland


Donald Trump

The people want an end to globalization

They want sovereignty in house & country

Holland’s imitation

Was disliked, now we see


Donald Trump

Smooth liberals aren’t

More Muslim-friendly

Than who shouts, loudly,

Boorish oneliners, be warned


What is an Unprivileged Belligerent?

This is bad news.

tHis tWisted yOuth

The Pentagon just updated its Laws of Warto say it can target journalists that don’t tow the line.

*DU stands for depleted Uranium and is allowed under the laws of war despite leaving massive numbers of Iraqi children born deformed and cancer rates soaring as the radioactive dust that aerosols from these munitions has a half life of 4.5 billion years. Breathed in, it is a real problem.. Read More here

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American people have reached out to me

Reliability I do see

Yet, meddling with foreign lands is unlucky

Withdrawal will set them free