‘Anti-Jewish hate is no longer operating on the fringes’ – Raw Story – Celebrating 19 Years of Independent Journalism

More than four in ten American Jews feel less safe than they did a year ago, with nearly that same number altering their behavior out of fear of antisemitism. That’s according to the American Jewish Committee’s State of Antisemitism in America Report for 2022, which utilizes a set of surveys t… — Read on http://www.rawstory.com/anti-jewish-hate-is-no-longer-operating-on-the-fringes/

‘Anti-Jewish hate is no longer operating on the fringes’ – Raw Story – Celebrating 19 Years of Independent Journalism

No good news. Hadn’t expected this.

Arms Possession

A civilian doesn’t need a weapon

You, yourself, is your best weapon

All else, causes unneeded pain

When lives are spilt, always in vain


Russian Winter

France & Germany destroyed themselves

In Russia’s Winter — USA, Britain,

And other foolish nations — what gain

You think you get, suffering with wolves

Czechoslowakia was not Ukraine

Ukraine, Donbass, Russia need a platform

To work out a satisfactory map & form

Without looking at Russia in disdain


Another War?

So wrong that USA apparently

Wants to barge into Ukraine or Russia

Boris Johnson wants to join, we see

Europe should be discussion area

Or, offer such platform, in neutrality



A lesson for the USA coming decades will be

Solving disputes without the military

Even more so than for GB, Russia, France

This will be the learning path to enhance


You Can Now Visit The African American History Museum Virtually

Anyone who’s been to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture will speak of its elevator ride through time, which takes visitors from the present day to the 15th century and kicks off the first exhibit, Slavery & Freedom. With the launch of a new virtual platform, visitors can now travel on the […]

You Can Now Visit The African American History Museum Virtually

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Bad & Disgraceful News

Afghanistan news is not hopeful

Leaving allies behind there

Is it the tragic of lost warfare

Or is it downright deceitful?


I also admit,

There’s been heroic determination

To save vulnerable people off the pit

Of this grimm situation