Urban Farm

Different talents, traditions & expertise

Make a various, prosperous farm

Now I say, amidst climate alarm,

We need urban farming as a practise



After midnight, clouds get Sun light

This year’s planet parade is visible

My crops change & fight

I’ve learned which parts are edible



Found a blog in this community:

‘Mention six crops that bring felicity’

Mine would be:

Pink and white blossoms of strawberry

By thousands, seeds of broccoli,

Its trunk thickening as a tree

Sprouting of nasturtium I finally see

The success of parsley

Flourishing mint bed, in use for tea

Lettuce growing slowly



Thanks for the challenge 💛💚🌱

Garden Improvement


I was learned it’s a yearling

Yet, I see its trunk growing

And, its crop expanding

Why remove something so flourishing?


Festivities, lessons, perhaps more land

With a good group, more is possible

The proper help is now at hand

Joy is foreseeable


Urban Farming

All in, I’m glad I take part

It is more challenging than foreseen

Human greed & poor soil I’ve seen

Yet, it’s won its place in my heart



Many people today,

Keep plants at home

That give away

Oxygen — so afraid are people today

Our world may turn into a tomb