Russia & the EU

I wonder if Putin can see

The EU isn’t a strong economy

Is it the reason why he took his chance

To make a violent advance


Slice Of Compassion

Ukraine’s president talks today;

Mentions the very young Russian soldiers

Ill trained, scared, peowns in others’ play

Bodies deleted, kept from parents’ tears

Perhaps, compassion on a cruel day



Being right & getting your right aren’t same

That’s why I think, Ukraine should follow

Finland & Sweden — and not enter NATO

Peace is worth a solution that looks lame


Russian Winter

France & Germany destroyed themselves

In Russia’s Winter — USA, Britain,

And other foolish nations — what gain

You think you get, suffering with wolves

Czechoslowakia was not Ukraine

Ukraine, Donbass, Russia need a platform

To work out a satisfactory map & form

Without looking at Russia in disdain


Another War?

So wrong that USA apparently

Wants to barge into Ukraine or Russia

Boris Johnson wants to join, we see

Europe should be discussion area

Or, offer such platform, in neutrality