Winter Landscape

I still enjoy landscape during travel

In spite of the low Winter level

A very grey day

Doesn’t necessarily make a boring way



Unheard of before:

Travel is becoming a lot more

Strangely difficult ~ in this country

No trains, little airport security

Will we see more?


Train Culture (via like a fish in water)

At longer distance, say more than 300 miles, the train is the perfect way to travel, imo.

Train Culture Flickr For some reason, I became enamored with train travel at a very early age. One of my earliest memories is of riding the Strasburg Railroad, an antique steam engine train in southeastern Pennsylvania, with my grandparents. I returned to daycare after my first trip to Washington, DC, recounting only the experience of riding the metro, including pitch-perfect recitation of, “Doors closing <ding dong>.” As I grew older, rail transit becam … Read More

via like a fish in water