January 2nd

At this day, time goes running

The year is already over

I work for justice coming

A situation I’ll get over



Every planet knows its seasons

Because they usually rotate around a star

Unknown are the reasons

There only are books from times afar


Your Timeline

Why not sometimes look:

How much have I got left?

Can I still slowcook

Or could it be time theft?


Being Young

It’s a time of rejoicing

Travel, family, career

It may last a lifetime: This cheer

As long as there’s healthy, fun living



I know I must befriend you

But, you don’t make it easy

More so when, because of you,

I must run ~ when I’d like to be free


Klok op kast

Time & Haste

I see myself watching the fireworks

From New Year’s Eve to Easter

Open, is first quarter of the corks

Time is the Cosmos’ only free star


Happy Easter everybody @}}-