Last Summer Day

Long drought we had

Mediterranean light we enjoyed

The State Budget was presented ~ is it bad?

Also before my eyes it will be deployed



This quiet, Sunny day

Is supposedly last meteorological day

Of Summer… to me, Summer goes on

With the light & warmth we’ve won



Water pearls containing the cosmos

My idea of dew, in a garden or balcony

Early morning, it’s a reality that once was

After global warning, it’s drought we see


The Weekend

The family, the garden center, the Sun

Meals, outdoor fun

Hopefully, much more will follow

And I’ll enjoy Summer bird the swallow



Do I enjoy it enough,

I sometimes ask

So quickly, the festive mask

Is replaced by the one that’s rough

Just go out, with your water flask


Mild Summer

The mild Summer weather has started

Amazing skies, soft wind in the foliage

Alas, my scent sensation isn’t whole hearted

Earlier, pandemic visitors didn’t even rage