Summer Progress

In gardens & fields, crops are high

Fertilizing & Sun pushed them to the sky

Most flourish, some lag behind

In the end, nature will mold & grind



Do I enjoy it enough,

I sometimes ask

So quickly, the festive mask

Is replaced by the one that’s rough

Just go out, with your water flask


Mild Summer

The mild Summer weather has started

Amazing skies, soft wind in the foliage

Alas, my scent sensation isn’t whole hearted

Earlier, pandemic visitors didn’t even rage


This June

Excellent temperature

White clouds, modest actors on a blue stage

Some wind whispers the foliage

How long it will last, is never sure



Earlier, longer darkness

Gives a first Autumn finesse

There’s no Autumn chill yet

In this strange Summer we’ve met


This Summer

Less fear of contamination

So, more people went on vacation

More forest fires on many places

Rain & floods on other places