Summer Approaching

Still so fresh, this year’s Spring

Unusually clean air, are we enjoying

~ Only advantage of a health crisis ~

Interrupting global warming it is?


Neighborhood Stroll

Nothing special, just enjoying

Then, this jewel did I see:

A newly planted exotic tree

A surprise gift I’m welcoming


Trees Abloom

Humanity’s crises often don’t show

In nature

Now, trees blossom & grow

Nature has its own future


Early Spring

Bright, crisp day

The first night frost of the year

The usual early Spring way

The only thing unusual, is today’s fear


Weird Winter

Nothing of last three months reminded me

Of the cold season

Strange developments, keeping us indoors by decree,

Brought scenes without comparison



I heard the familiar hammer

Yesterday 😮 January

What plan has the Programmer,

Starting so early?



Bright skies, crisp wind

No heat, good day for the job

When urgency may knob,

It helps when the weather is kind