Mars Exploration

Craters, canyons, gletchers, water

Limitless creativity, time, space fleet

Yet — are we #sure we want to meet

Our match or nemesis near the crater?

We don’t know what follows later



Every planet knows its seasons

Because they usually rotate around a star

Unknown are the reasons

There only are books from times afar



I try to see others as they are
There’s enough I don’t see
Space is a soothing ware
Life itself makes free


Supermoon (almost) (via Tau Zero)

Supermoon (almost) Saturday is the night of the “supermoon” – a full moon when it is closest to earth.  Has not happened for 18 years.  (Thanks to Sean for the clarification!) I don’t know if we will have clear skies on Saturday so I decided to get a shot of the almost-supermoon tonight.  This was done with my Nikon D7000 camera, a tripod, and an 18-200mm zoom lens.  Settings were ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/125 second exposure. You can see a larger version by clicking or go … Read More

via Tau Zero


You don’t need to travel the stars
To reach a friend far away
Easy… train boat bike bus & cars
A lunar space ship is so much of today

So simple is to just close your eye
To see him standing in your inner eyelid
Through the heart you say not just hi
The flow of the heart essentializes it

Now we have a new eye, hand, a new mind
Now you find any friend anywhere
The computer screen is the place where
Emotion flows with words, kind or unkind

A computer is your eye & hand
It can be your mind
Your scope will expand
Yet the heart leaves computers behind

A computer is your eye & hand
It can be your mind
Your world will expand
Yet the heart leaves computers behind



Je neemt je ruimte om je
En beweegt je met gemak
Vliegt uit gaat soms uit je dak
Je geeft ook ruimte, belangrijk voor ze
De ruimte kent geen einde
Jouw ruimte kent grenzen
Of je maakt ze naar je wensen
Geen ruimte gaf wie zeurde en dreinde