Silent Sunday


Starry Night

Like an umbrella, the firmament

Stretches over my balcony

The velvet blue & alluring shine, so tiny,

Are an infinite, yet positive encirclement



After midnight, clouds get Sun light

This year’s planet parade is visible

My crops change & fight

I’ve learned which parts are edible


Summer Solstice

I tried to get up for the five planet parade

~ And slept like a baby

Now, this unique formation appears daily

It has the sky in festive mode arrayed


Enjoy Summer, or Winter ⛱️❄️🔴🟠🟡🔵🟣


When your space is relatively empty,

It gives you ease & flexibility

We increasingly miss emptiness

In the growing crowd’s stress



Every planet knows its seasons

Because they usually rotate around a star

Unknown are the reasons

There only are books from times afar