A Dream

A dream sometimes doesn’t come true

Nevertheless, isn’t it a fine gift

Having a dream to give life hue

The soul is allowed to wander adrift


Strange News

I read the other day

A young guy had sold his soul as an NFT

It sounds as a prank, but he is uneasy

How much weirder gets the play?



It is suited for every language

It gives us a matching image

Of what lives in the soul

~ Like music, it makes our circle whole


Lucid Dream

I was in a group excursion

Perhaps a group in higher education

We had a garden bbq party

We were attacked by some adolecents

Their chubby leader got in our hands

The one to accidentally kill him, was me

For days, I sneaked around class

In shame, fear; my life is over, alas?

Police all over us, quite professionally

Waking up, they had not arrived at me

I wonder, should I look at it positively,

Or just plain fearfully negatively?