Donald Trump

Great to see,

How he put intelligence

At their place


Russian Name

It took me 20 minutes to practice

During our rehearsal

It’s easy to miss

An unfamiliar consonant & vowel


Bad News

It seems to have no end
It gets harder to digest now
I try to defend
Faith in humanity, somehow

It’s wrong to choose sides
Between East & West Ukraine
If it’s for Russia the East takes strides,
All opposition will be in vain

Yet, Ukraine brought itself shame
Who really attacked the plane?
Can Russia afford to defame
It’s big seat in the human chain?

I regret the USA isn’t impartial
It should let go of Ukraine’s choices
The EU won’t be universal
It cannot but accept other voices

Then, local customs differ from ours
Everybody is saddened by everybody
Misunderstandings take hours
Now, loss of dignity they embody

One thing I can’t understand
Why air traffic doesn’t avoid
Violent areas–safety it must defend
Yet, cost is what gets them annoyed



The wise people of Southeastern Ukraine
Smart enough to reject the EU
The latter is a drain
Of wealth, freedom, in inhabitants’ view


Edward Snowden

European states offended Bolivia’s president
To the core over Edward Snowden
The president morally won at this event
What happened then?

Snowden now wants to stay with the Russians
Russia wants to abandon computers
For reliable German typewriters
Espionage is a world of comedians

It’s too tempting for governments
Not to eavesdrop
At the others’ moments
It’s a sad flop

Reading piles of love letters
Advertising mails
Among all those tales
Once a thing that ‘matters’

I see no real hero
A spy is in the eyes
Of the own party a zero;
Beast of burden under other skies



President Vladimir Putin says
Edward Snowden must stop
Releasing US-info that’s not his
Does Putin have a point or a flop?