Hostile Nations

A few nations have no real friends:

Russia, China, Iran & Afghanistan

The daily news mentions little else than

How to fight them ~ I await the day it ends


Knowing Russia

History taught to never underestimate

Russia ~ it lost severely in several wars

Yet, it bounced back, even when late

And others had crashed its doors


A Friday Thought

Our human world is changing thoroughly

Less babies born, shrinking populaton,

Leading to less comfort & economic action

May also Russia return to the community

As a cooperative nation



As unhappy as I am about the war

Loss of life & land to Russia

There’s perhaps one valid issue for Russia

It won’t accept foreign currency anymore


Slice Of Compassion

Ukraine’s president talks today;

Mentions the very young Russian soldiers

Ill trained, scared, peowns in others’ play

Bodies deleted, kept from parents’ tears

Perhaps, compassion on a cruel day