More Rain

Rarely did I see so much

Water will always have us in its clutch

It is basically our friend & food

But from our governance it will elude



The first dark day of November

More Summersun than I can remember

Did I see this month ~ strange it is

Now water replaces the Sunlight dosis



It keeps falling

Meteorologists’ angle made me thinking

Very soon, they will comment

I can’t believe it has their consent


Dark Days

Autumn started suddenly this year

Darkness is early; Sunrise rather late

Drought is, however, a growing fear

Rain is plenty now, yet, there’s debate


Almost a Wrap

I’m finishing something difficult

While rains are falling,

First onces after months of nature drying

While trying to ignore media tumult



A local festival under the rain

Yet, the many visitors do not refrain

From attending festivities

Who am I to stick to small negativities?


Rain Relief

The Sun is hiding

While our creatures are drinking

And most of us are working

A lovely Monday worth remembering



Rains keep falling

It’s the feel of October

With the first foliage budding

The wind makes it even less sober