Westerners’ Fear

People with other alphabet

Frighten Westerners,

Turn latter into war mongers

It’s only letters, it’s not hard to get



Donald Trump

Is he a good or a bad president?

He may be needed, now

Every few decades, a country needs such president

To neglected situations, it must bow


Word Of The Year 2017

Fake News

Nep Nieuws

It’s on everybody’s lips now

There’s no demand to prove these views

Papers become buildings shitted by mews


Trump’s Authority

Trump has good ideas on globalization

Alas, they get snowed under

By the anti-Islam blunder

Lost authority, is lost representation


Donald Trump

People see him as their new hope

Or they hate him

There’s no in-betweens at this scope

Me, I’d like to avoid extremist whim


Western Politics

They mainly show extremes

Either too much co-operation

Or only human hostilities

First stifles, second brings annihilation


Donald Trump

The people want an end to globalization

They want sovereignty in house & country

Holland’s imitation

Was disliked, now we see



Hopefully Britain’s departure

Means end of euro & colonial empire

Before 2020, I hope to see it expire

After Greece, again rupture