Provincial Elections

It seems polarisation is halted

Before, left & right wing populism exalted

There is a new moderate rightwing party

The future looks brighter, hopefully


Thieves|غارت گران

“172nd story” First published: Dec.17.2020 We have three kinds of thieves in the world; 1-The average thieves 2-The political thieves 3-The religious thieves -The average thieves are the ones that steal money, gold, empty your pocket, house, and store. They rob you to keep their stomach full. -The second one steals your future, dreams, jobs, […]

Thieves|غارت گران

So true. Thanks for sharing 💛


Me, I’ll have good, regular holidays

But, elsewhere things escalate

What should be my attitude in the debate?

I have questions about what the press says



Germany has always stood apart

It made its very own choice of friends

Now, there’s a change of heart

Towards China ~ an unusual pair of friends


Gas & Electrity

I never thought I’d hear young people say:

‘Can you please switch off the lamp’

That cost would block their way

Because of others’ war camp

Many years, the young ignored elders’ say


The Daily News

The news report now has only one topic:

The planet ~ and everything related

Humans’ fear growth is epic,

Thinking saving their butt is way belated