This Spring

Amazing weather ~

& We’re mostly stuck indoors

With hobbies; citrus



In many ways, our phone

Replaced cameras & changed photography

Before, situations were left in the unknown

Now, we quickly capture what we see


Apocalypse Day Pics

Sloterplas 2112201207

Sloterplasfontein 2112201216

Sloterplas 2112201213

Sloterplas 2112201222

Sloterplas 2112201225

Sloterplas oostoever 2112201240

Sloterplas terugblik 2112201239

Yachting in Winter is a breathtaking experience – if there’s no rough weather, obviously. It gets even better on hype days, when there’s a weather alarm, or a dooms day forecast. I’m somehow glad, too, that I have a simple low resolution camera. Now I see the essentials only.

Ready or not, here it comes! Winter in the North Cape

Nature is moving on, of course…

Everyday life in the North Cape & North of Norway

When I looked out the window this morning I have to confess that my first thoughts were NOT, “Yippee!  Snow!”

While my kids ran around the house, excitedly putting on winter parkas and  shouting, “We can make snow caves, and throw snow balls and go sledding and skiing and… and … and…” I was thinking about 7 months of winter and wondering if I’m really ready for it.  I’m not sure I am ready for it, but when I came to work today, I was reminded of how beautiful this season is…. with magical light that changes with each passing day, drawing us quickly into the polar night season.

So ready or not, here it comes  – Winter has said hello to the North Cape!

Honnignsvåg, North Cape, Winter

Honningsvåg Harbor, North Cape, Norway, winter

Honningsvåg Harbor, NOrth cape, NOrway

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