Is darkness mystical

Or are we just compelled

To see it all

In so far our other senses are upheld?


Can’t Help But See

Many obligations

Yet, I visit the place

Some hide their face

I can’t miss their assumptions

Sometimes annoyingly constant, commonplace

Why not enjoy their own life & actions

& Skip others’ interesting perfections

Others have their place

Their own happiness, achievements, obligations

Let’s value our own achievements & perfections

Be safe, be well




Your right,

Has someone else’s counter right

Impossible to dismiss

People relate on this


Snapshots from R&R: A tender moment in nature….turtle hatchlings on Amelia Island, Florida (via )

Vulnerable moments in nature

Snapshots from R&R: A tender moment in nature....turtle hatchlings on Amelia Island, Florida We had an extraordinary experience on the beach in Amelia Island, Florida. Through the work of the Amelia Island Sea Turtle Watch group, we were on site during an excavation of  a turtle nest whose hatchlings had already gone to sea…..to see if there were any little turtles left behind. It was a truly tender moment….turtles discovered both alive and those that didn’t make it. Then, an emotional (for me) release to the sea. [caption id=”attach … Read More