Lessons from Nature

As an urban farmer,

I’ve learned formally & experimentally

Nature itself is our teacher

Also the unexpected confronted me


Belated World Pangolin Day! How Many Species are There?

Full disclosure: I had set up a post about orangutans, but then saw yesterday was World Pangolin Day!  I find these animals fascinating.  Never knew about them until my son started watching ‘The Wild Kratts’ when he was around 4.  I mean, I knew there were armored anteaters out there, but I didn’t know much […]

Belated World Pangolin Day! How Many Species are There?

Thanks for sharing, amazing animals 💛🦡

Today’s Enemy

The storm is raging currently

Authorities urge the people to stay at home

Yesterday, a woodpecker worked on a home

In a powerful, now damaged willow tree