Sunday Afternoon

Town bustle under a full Moon

Too many people, says quarantine rule

Now step out, tomorrow work, school

Good shopping deals are over, soon



One of Winter’s joys:

The familiar, huge celestial body,

Though the council deploys

A good lantern system for everybody


Full Moon

Make a wish?

Do it now, so they say

Anything you may accomplish

You may have your way


volle maan 311201


The concept is relative

It may be related to the Sun, the Moon

With a final choice we live

It defines the concept ‘soon’



Anybody seen it this weekend?
Here, it was covered behind clouds
Another cycle seemingly without end
In this universe with its endless crowds


volle maan 311201

So you’re also a moon lover… the Moon is witness to our earthly ramblings, maybe that’s part of it. The Van Morrison video is great. Thanks, @D

allaboutlemon-All Around, In, And Out Of My Own Universe

adollyciousironyFly Me To The Moon

 Madame de Luna


 fra-froa Pale Moon

Love Bytes On Air La Luna

 Can’t Fight The Moonlight

Guiguoz Cuisine Rocket To The Moon


Welcome To My Music Passion May Edition

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Supermoon (almost) (via Tau Zero)

Supermoon (almost) Saturday is the night of the “supermoon” – a full moon when it is closest to earth.  Has not happened for 18 years.  (Thanks to Sean for the clarification!) I don’t know if we will have clear skies on Saturday so I decided to get a shot of the almost-supermoon tonight.  This was done with my Nikon D7000 camera, a tripod, and an 18-200mm zoom lens.  Settings were ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/125 second exposure. You can see a larger version by clicking or go … Read More

via Tau Zero