How To Earn Money As An Influencer — New Lune

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I would say monetising your social media platforms is much easier compared to monetising your blog because it’s more straightforward and the process is definitely much easier & simpler. I know there is a huge taboo concerning influencers and the whole influencer marketing but I personally think, it’s the same thing as monetising your website. […]

How To Earn Money As An Influencer — New Lune


Something to dislike doing,

But, it’s rewarding:

More system in your finance

Stick to rules & they may enhance


Diverse Sources

Our house of income

Shouldn’t rely on one source only

It is more wholesome,

To have varied solidity



They haven’t reached yet

Their full potential

Many see them as a wrong bet

I’d say, this needs denial


Bitcoin Value

Could it be?

Governments trie to sink it

Buying euros, is their decree

Citizens’ poverty, is more fit


My Worth!?

“We have estimated the price of comparing search traffic, unique visitors and realtime advertising rates to $137 You can place our pricetag widget on your site in order to get attention to your users.”

I don’t often use Google Search. The other day, however, I did. I found several sites like this one, with an entire advertising profile for my name. Apparently, these are market research agencies, keyword researchers ao. I realize, that internet use isn’t free. Yet, it feels as if vultures are circling around my site. And me! (Though the IP-number mentioned isn’t mine, thank God.) Am I wrong to think so? Or is my only problem that I’m not getting any of this money? Can I place their widget on my blog? What is it, that these people do with my data?

I just wonder what other bloggers do with this, iow, what’s your view on it?

And maybe, you, owners, are kind enough to give me your reaction?

Sincerely, @D