I’ve often wondered, if we’d had

Greed & war, if we’d been independent

From food ~ I now think, we’d still bend

To our competitive urge & go mad

When someone else comes first at the end


Fate & Desteny

We don’t need to ‘believe’ in desteny

We are destined to live & die as humans

In a certain family

The system is probably desteny

Though much choice is left to the specimens


February 25

Netherlands today 82 years ago,

Huge protest against the German occupier

Ukraine yesterday a year ago,

Saw barging in of the Russian occupier

Today, first protests for peace talks had a go


The Bright Side in Humans

Often enough, we see ignorance, cruelty

Towards people & animals

But, there’s also compassion in difficulty,

Respect & help for same sentient individuals

I don’t always understand the ambiguity


Gas & Electrity

I never thought I’d hear young people say:

‘Can you please switch off the lamp’

That cost would block their way

Because of others’ war camp

Many years, the young ignored elders’ say



Unheard of before:

Travel is becoming a lot more

Strangely difficult ~ in this country

No trains, little airport security

Will we see more?