Mars Exploration

Craters, canyons, gletchers, water

Limitless creativity, time, space fleet

Yet — are we #sure we want to meet

Our match or nemesis near the crater?

We don’t know what follows later



I just wonder, why

European & Western peoples try,

At their own loss, invading Afghanistan

Already Iskander thought ‘I can’

Each time, Afghanistan made them cry


Favorite Colour

To get a Weekend topic done ~

Have you ever had one?

(Most people have)

Mine, had to catch an eternal wave

Preceding pink, with heavenly blue, I’ve begun


Corona Bus

A medieval announcement call,

A van with speakers on top

Warns us to only hop

At home ~ but youth is in the mall

Motors, sunglasses; defying home wall



Worldwide, middle-class has grown

Hence, the number of those who own

Resource needed for travel, is growing

Nearly as fast as ice bergs are melting

Please forgive me this moan


The Festival

Thirty years ago, today’s heat would be called intense

Multitudes of tourists, vehicles, wasps

Discomfort that clasps

Leaving the city center was a relief, in a sense

Even when a performance did speak to the sense



Turn The Page

At some moment, we’re a beginner

The table’s set for family dinner

Not yet, the last gathering

At the past, I was looking

At some moment, the present will be winner



Numbers are infinite
Distance is infinite
I think the soul is eternal
For that I’ve no proof at all
Ghosts seem to be finite



‘What if your motor stops’ my neighbor next-boat said
‘So what’ I nearly said
‘I have oars’ I did say
Thinking in dangers isn’t my usual way
Thinking in chances is my pref thread


Sloterplas zuidoever 0503201302


Politics have come of age
The people’s will no longer in a cage
Now there’s recognition
Of mutual consultation
As part of Islam, we’re past rage