The Rain Fell

Today, weather forecasts foretell well

And indeed, a mass of water fell

It didn’t end the heat

Most of us, avoid the street



June ~ of course, hay fever days

Then again ~ also long light days

The intense blossom is to rejoice

& Soon linden scent under bird voice


Today’s Vibe

The weather was so amazing

Yet, most of us, need working

Fatigue; waiting for leisure,

Of which we aren’t yet wholly sure


Linden Scent

Temperature under

Mediterranean Sun isn’t too high

Delicate, fresh scent lingers under

My rooms’ ceilings, as birds cry



We know it’s here

Under lush linden scent

It’s there to sheer

Even if its modest flower wasn’t so meant



By the scent on the stiff wind
The wild roses must be abloom
Thanks to the council’s doom
In our garden none you’ll find


Warzone Garden 1103201302

(Ok, this wasn’t a recent pic, but realistic none the less. Am I sour? You bet.)

High Season

Scent bits of honeysuckle & poplar fluff
Hydrangea, giant cow parsnip
The outdoors has a firm grip
On those seeking the best stuff