Blue tits have flewn out

Abundant blue & yellow; their voices swell

My 3 years broccoli tree is doing just swell

Thousands of edible seeds sprout



Thanks for the challenge, Fandango 💛

This June

Excellent temperature

White clouds, modest actors on a blue stage

Some wind whispers the foliage

How long it will last, is never sure



A local festival under the rain

Yet, the many visitors do not refrain

From attending festivities

Who am I to stick to small negativities?


Solstice Day

Rain is pooring Tornados over Belgium, the other day For now, it doesn’t look promising Memory tells me, solstice day is often gray @agardenhouse

Solstice Day

For once, I thought, why not reblog one of my ‘second’ blog. I don’t use it a lot. Yet, I introduce it to you now 💛☕



June ~ of course, hay fever days

Then again ~ also long light days

The intense blossom is to rejoice

& Soon linden scent under bird voice


Today’s Vibe

The weather was so amazing

Yet, most of us, need working

Fatigue; waiting for leisure,

Of which we aren’t yet wholly sure