Good Residence

Good residence has five elements

Money, food, kindness, cleanliness, security

These are equally needed accomplishments

To set you, your family, or roommates, free


Ten Years Here

In 2009, I started blogging

Via Hotmail

Then, a year later, Hotmail

Moved us to here — continued blogging

It’s been a solid home

I’ll continue my roam


Not A Home

A house without small decorations

Torn wall papers, necessities only

Betrays inhabitants’ situations

A house gives its own testimony



Settling down isn’t difficult

Leaving behind, however, is the difficulty

You can leave your home town or country

In their leaving you, it may not result



Vulnerable Lives

Living on their own isn’t easy

For those in bad health, or at old age

It has a price: Being free

Family in the house isn’t perse our cage