Vacation Replacement

Holiday season has begun

At someone else’s work place,

I’ll try to stun

Though home may be holiday place


Not A Home

A house without small decorations

Torn wall papers, necessities only

Betrays inhabitants’ situations

A house gives its own testimony



Settling down isn’t difficult

Leaving behind, however, is the difficulty

You can leave your home town or country

In their leaving you, it may not result



Vulnerable Lives

Living on their own isn’t easy

For those in bad health, or at old age

It has a price: Being free

Family in the house isn’t perse our cage


Connected Homes

We are always connecting

With our neighbours, the city

Through the plumbing

But, the water travels freely



I hope to grow old

At this place on Earth

It’s a thought I hold

At my current hearth



Chores around my house

Are about to finish

The good this may rouse

Who can it not astonish