Winter & Spring

Both seasons combined this weekend

With celebrations I will spend

These days where the Sun shows force

On its usual, every year brighter course



I must admit, I miss it:

Snow, ice, frost, skating

Now, a dream of the past is it:

Genuine Winter ~ it was entertaining



The first dark day of November

More Summersun than I can remember

Did I see this month ~ strange it is

Now water replaces the Sunlight dosis


Like September

People sitting outdoors, these sunny days

Most trees still fairly green, this November

Nothing reminds us of Winter

No mist, daytime darkness or frost days



Water pearls containing the cosmos

My idea of dew, in a garden or balcony

Early morning, it’s a reality that once was

After global warning, it’s drought we see



Has the time come to save water?

I haven’t forgotten drought fifty years ago

Winters then were severe though

Must we start saving water for later?