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There is a moment,

That insight comes through:

Your social environment

Is just right for you




I have friends

They’ll help me tie ends

And make my boat a villa 🙂



A cold Spring day

Is no hindrance on our way

Good event in the city

Meeting on a day that’s windy




Even a best friend

May choose another way

Great when back to you, her way

Is about to bend


My Friend

You spoke your languages

You never shunned confrontation

But always from love, so no damages

Your perspective was inspiration

I wasn’t outtalked

There were things left to say

But destiny has you walked

No, we’ll all find a new way

That’s what I hope

For now, I say goodbye

And hold on to my own rope

At this end of the sky


Great Day

Such fun we had

A great meeting it was

With artistic cause

The activity made glad



Others aren’t our property

We aren’t others’ property

Without smother

We can care for each other