Corny & Rustic Thought

Corny & rustic thought

Has a curve into a positivist, innocent spot

It is degraded by those who wrought

Urban, international, liberal thought

When it appears in political thought,

It is named, today, altright thought

Yet, it’s majority is nonfascist thought

The fall of the Berlin wall, it wrought

Maybe we should stop polarizing thought


European Union

Years ago, I already said

To be member of a large block is bad

Inflation; getting dragged into their war,

Is price of alliance — always set your bar

Twenty years later, I believe EU can work

For issues of law, human rights, travel & work

But, it’s not effective for the macro economy

A town needs separate homes for individuality


Russian Winter

France & Germany destroyed themselves

In Russia’s Winter — USA, Britain,

And other foolish nations — what gain

You think you get, suffering with wolves

Czechoslowakia was not Ukraine

Ukraine, Donbass, Russia need a platform

To work out a satisfactory map & form

Without looking at Russia in disdain


(Trans)gender Question

Shouldn’t it be enough

To name yourself opposite gender,

Skip operation & treatments — is it f/bluff?

Is it overrated to ‘look & feel’ your gender?

The question is no part of my religion

Yet — why not choose without effort

Your gender is a personal dominion

Should only medical records report?

That from now, you can say freely:

I am (wo)man, who cares if you disagree


Lucid Dream

I had a stroll on a field near a forest

Birds & small animals fled past me

A rabbit climbed into a tree

A fox pack appeared from the forest

The foxes shook the tree forcefully

The rabbit fell from the tree

The foxes swallowed the rabbit wholly

I woke up, in a mood of unrest,

Somewhere in my chest



The first baby duckies appeared
Strong winds & big waves they withstand
Where I sometimes feared
On the air scents blend

De eerste piepkleine eendjes kwamen voorbij
Harde wind & hoge golven weerstaan zij
Ik vreesde soms een wijl
Geuren mengen zich op de lucht onderwijl