Good Residence

Good residence has five elements

Money, food, kindness, cleanliness, security

These are equally needed accomplishments

To set you, your family, or roommates, free


I have a thing for sweet peppers

We Call Him Yes!Chef!

I saw these colorful mini sweet peppers at the store the other day and I wanted to photograph them but I had to come up with some sort of recipe so that Yes! Chef! would make them for me and then I could photograph them. Lo and behold there was a perfectly great recipe right on the back of the bag.  I brought them home and waved them in front of Yes! Chef!  He said something like, “Yes, they are pretty”.  He knows my propensity for Crow Photography (photographing any pretty, shiny or colorful thing that I see), so he wasn’t culinarily very interested.  Then I showed him the recipe on the back of the bag and I said things like, “Mmmmm.  This looks great” and “I sure do love capers, olives and peppers” and finally, “Could you please make this for me and we could put it on steaks…

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Lucerne – Day Two (via [e])

Reminds me of my own visits… thanks for sharing. @D

Lucerne - Day Two Day 71 16th of September We found a really great map in the hotel lobby and again, like Zurich it had a trail marked out for seeing all the main sights in Lucerne. We headed into town to get some lunch first. We have been spending way too much money here in Switzerland because everything is double the price it should be, so we went to the supermarket to make ourselves a cheap lunch. We got a couple rolls and croissants, ham and a mixed salad. $15 … Read More

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a garden update! (via meandering minds…)

I had no idea they’re so huge: banana flowers.

a garden update! I’d promised an update on how the garden has been growing. Because it most certainly has been growing!! Even without rain for four months. The passionfruit that we planted last year that was maybe 2′ tall – Is now so lush that it provides wonderful shade and protection on our upper road front porch. And we have the added benefit of fruit! And the juice from the fruit, from which we make a syrup to use with club soda. See the blog post about that … Read More

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