This Sunday & Any Day

Be good with each other

Be it your lover, friend, child, sibling, parent or any other



Being artful, persuasive & smart,

Works in politics, economics, art

As for love, only honesty

Brings it to infinity



We need them for recognition

They tag an entire concept

Or an emotion

Red: For love it’s kept



#Feb14 2013

Valentine’s Days Revisited…

A very nice story Kathy

It’s almost here, folks–that over-commercialized holiday called, Valentine’s Day!  I knew it was “officially” almost here when I began seeing the commercials for “Hoodie Footies” and “Vermont Teddy Bears”…  I wonder how many women will receive those pajamas with a hood and feet?!  How unromantic!  I personally overheard Jennifer telling Brad that he better never buy her any of those!  


As for me, I could go for that HUGE Vermont Teddy Bear, but I already have a HUGE one sitting in the bedroom.  He takes up an entire chair, or half of the bed–depending on where he is sitting!  It wasn’t a gift from Ed, but from myself, one Valentine’s Day.  Yes, I actually bought myself a teddy bear–because I loved him when I saw him…I’m funny like that sometimes.  I came home with it riding in the back of my PT Cruiser, about five years ago!


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