#99WSP #Dec3 Our Ramadan

It may be four thirty and we all rise

I had made soup yesterday and warm it slowly

Husband and then children, get food on the table

Fruit, bread, yoghurt are usually part of our breakfast

Always someone cracks a joke or has yesterday’s story

Breakfast must end punctually, even when there’s no adhan

Prayers, sleep a while, then daily routine is done

The season decides at what time we’ll have dinner

Whatever is served, there’s always some milk and dates


December 3: Flash Fiction Challenge


Others cook for me

Things are cheerful

In a growing family

Life is more plentiful


Two Brothers

They may differ like day & night

Smart & resembling, yet,

They may represent darkness & light

Hence, a parent shouldn’t always fret



There is a moment,

That insight comes through:

Your social environment

Is just right for you


Loud Meeting

These specific people tend

To raise their voices cheerfully

The time they spend,

Is hopefully not neighbors’ bully


Family Tree

The concept has an atmosphere of stuffiness

Yet, it’s an adventure of secrets & naughtiness

Society’s classes & the continent’s history

Are all present in a family