Young People

Don’t prevent them from

Making their own decisions

Then, can they correct faults


A Compliment

Indeed it’s a compliment:

Children choosing partners resembling

Their opposite gender parent

Though there’s no guaranteed choosing


#99WSP #Dec3 Our Ramadan

It may be four thirty and we all rise

I had made soup yesterday and warm it slowly

Husband and then children, get food on the table

Fruit, bread, yoghurt are usually part of our breakfast

Always someone cracks a joke or has yesterday’s story

Breakfast must end punctually, even when there’s no adhan

Prayers, sleep a while, then daily routine is done

The season decides at what time we’ll have dinner

Whatever is served, there’s always some milk and dates


December 3: Flash Fiction Challenge


Others cook for me

Things are cheerful

In a growing family

Life is more plentiful


Two Brothers

They may differ like day & night

Smart & resembling, yet,

They may represent darkness & light

Hence, a parent shouldn’t always fret



There is a moment,

That insight comes through:

Your social environment

Is just right for you