First Time Since Covid

I’ve sung today in a small group

Performances will follow

A milestone after a time so low

Today, cultural events made a scoop


Poetic Disclaimer

I only use real life met situations

As models for allegoric comparisons

People & thoughts now & before

Real life gives genuine metaphores


May 2011 Fuelfed Coffee & Classics (via Fuelfed)

The best of nostalgia

May 2011 Fuelfed Coffee & Classics . .. Hmmm…Memorial Day weekend & very ominous skies don’t make the most inviting scenario to drive your classic. But I must say, we had a great turn out if not in sheer numbers, but in the breadth of quality classics. Even Mitra left her post at Café Aroma to admire the rare assembly of metal and rubber. .. .. From a Lancia Aurelia B20 to a Jaguar XK140, with a mix of everything in between, we had quite the variety. Lou brought his stunning … Read More

via Fuelfed