Climate Future

The Sunlight is stronger

The Gulf Stream has moved Westward

So, will our climate become colder

Or hotter ~ much info they bombard



Hopefully Britain’s departure

Means end of euro & colonial empire

Before 2020, I hope to see it expire

After Greece, again rupture



Collaboration is a good thing

The new colonial empire is satan’s work

No other word I have for describing

A system that should be a modest clerk



Many insecurities

In politics

And economics

It’s the evil of communal policies



THANK YOU for your example

To the sheep & slaves

Your assertiveness is ample

May the EU-tyrant be flushed by waves



Slowly I recognize the hero Resisting the French-German tyrant It can start a flow Hopefully, stop it they can’t @D


I think it mostly won’t reform

In the EU, it won’t conform

Slowly, it will repay

And fully go its own way



Most people didn’t vote
Here, only pro-EU parties are strong
The others: Fascists, communists, let’s note
Much of their thought is wrong