My Question

How long will dreams about the EU

Have the chance to continue?

Wealth from the euro, migration

Realism should follow observation


Indian Farmers

Dutch farmers probably looked

At their colleagues in India

It’s positive results the colleagues booked

But, the EU now holds colonial custodia


European Union

Years ago, I already said

To be member of a large block is bad

Inflation; getting dragged into their war,

Is price of alliance — always set your bar

Twenty years later, I believe EU can work

For issues of law, human rights, travel & work

But, it’s not effective for the macro economy

A town needs separate homes for individuality


EU :x

I expressed my concerns about it

Several times, before

Mockery or silencing, some saw as fit

Again, there’s malpractice galore


Netherlands & EU

The Netherlands will likely

Distance from the EU

It won’t leave fully,

But, won’t pay Spanish pension