Once you have been there,

You will return many times

I said it before



I’ve heard people complain

Yet, next year they’re there again

It’s what Egypt does to a person

Genuine is its fun



I’m proud of brave Egypt
Contrary to cowardly Europe
The people don’t elope
Inferior political careers are clipped



Politics have come of age
The people’s will no longer in a cage
Now there’s recognition
Of mutual consultation
As part of Islam, we’re past rage


Fortytude (via )

However, don’t allow anyone to brainwash you, sincerely, @D

Several years ago, we were asked to take personality tests at our law firm.  I was one of the most vocal protesters, complaining that it was a waste of time and silly.  I guess I should not have been surprised that I scored very high as to cynicism. I became more aware of my cynicism and I decided in the last several years that I do not want to be cynical anymore.  Cynicism has a negative element to it, and I want to be positive.  Can you change … Read More