To Sea

On board he’s gone

To sea, my son has traveled

A truth will be unraveled

Naval skills will be in his pawn


A Preview

The table was set for dinner, again

This time, I saw the future

And what we may gain

Though, not yet, it’s sure


Turn The Page

At some moment, we’re a beginner

The table’s set for family dinner

Not yet, the last gathering

At the past, I was looking

At some moment, the present will be winner



No children at home

At least temporarily,

It’s elsewhere they’ll roam

I must focus on me, primarily


International Natural Day: Feb 13

Pretending your great doesn’t make you great. But a hairless nonwhite college student thinks it does and this is the stuff that liberals love. This is a local story that unfolds at the big Mexican-run public university in San Antonio. Mexicans already think they’re great in my experience. They invented pyramids, the wheel, math, astronomy […]

via Bald Mystery Meat College Girl Promotes International Natural Day — saboteur365

Eldest Son

Returned from Istanbul

Feeling happy

Bags are full

With gifts for friends & family








Back to school he went

It’s not easy for him yet

Resume studying




My son went back today

Three more months he’ll stay

City of allure

Needed adventure






Eldest Son

He left for study

Now, he is abroad

He’ll pursue his own road

It’s not only to study