Higher Education

High education

Can be a trap if you think

Any job suits you


Lucid Dream

I was teacher at a ship design college

I had a visitor, one of my best friends

I showed her an amazing, real live design,

One of others, of a cargo load system

One of my students was an actor of

The former theater group I was member of

We, and a 2nd teacher, admired his system

An amazing, perhaps not modern design

A dream with real life friends

At a very real college


Life throws us challenges|زندگی ما رابه چالش وامی دارد

“91st story” First published: May.16.2019   A donkey worked very hard for an old man for years. The donkey was getting old and was no longer as fast as his young days; but, he was still loyal and tried hard to be able to do the usual daily tasks so he wouldn’t be a burden […]

Life throws us challenges|زندگی ما رابه چالش وامی دارد

Thanks for sharing this very true story 💛☕

Tellen met lieveheersbeestjes

Een buurvrouw leert haar kleintjes op school tellen m.b.v. de stippen van een rondvliegende lieveheersbeest. Mijn buurvrouw is een jonge enthousiaste kleuterjuf. Maar Priscilla is ook een echte natuurliefhebber. Vrije uren en weekenden brengt zij met haar man en eigen kinderen door in de natuurgebieden dicht bij huis of elders in Nederland. Daarom verbaast het […]

Tellen met lieveheersbeestjes

Ja, mooi, thanks 💚💛🐞

Near An Ending

A trajectory comes to closure,

For someone here

Results will get exposure

Of correlations that should adhere