EU :x

I expressed my concerns about it

Several times, before

Mockery or silencing, some saw as fit

Again, there’s malpractice galore


Crowds in the Mall

Do people have more time, money,

That it makes them happy

To bustle around the shops

For Winter gear around the chops



Gold appliances in bathrooms & such

Let’s see it as an uplifting touch,

A blessing to its owner

From their divine donor


Diverse Sources

Our house of income

Shouldn’t rely on one source only

It is more wholesome,

To have varied solidity



It seems to deteriorate,

Become more aggressive

Are we too submissive

There should be more debate



They haven’t reached yet

Their full potential

Many see them as a wrong bet

I’d say, this needs denial


Bitcoin Value

Could it be?

Governments trie to sink it

Buying euros, is their decree

Citizens’ poverty, is more fit



May his story

Fortify those

Who lost people & property

Only God knows