Unbelievable Scenes

The USA already couldn’t defend

Democracy anymore

Yesterday’s joke did spend

It’s credibility core


Donald Trump

No gentleman charm

But, something he did right:

No TTIP, so, no colonialism & its harm

Ending Mideast war, also was bright


Donald Trump

Is he a good or a bad president?

He may be needed, now

Every few decades, a country needs such president

To neglected situations, it must bow


Trump’s Authority

Trump has good ideas on globalization

Alas, they get snowed under

By the anti-Islam blunder

Lost authority, is lost representation


Donald Trump

People see him as their new hope

Or they hate him

There’s no in-betweens at this scope

Me, I’d like to avoid extremist whim


Western Politics

They mainly show extremes

Either too much co-operation

Or only human hostilities

First stifles, second brings annihilation


Donald Trump

The people want an end to globalization

They want sovereignty in house & country

Holland’s imitation

Was disliked, now we see


Donald Trump

Smooth liberals aren’t

More Muslim-friendly

Than who shouts, loudly,

Boorish oneliners, be warned