Old people know it’s coming around

Very soon, they will embark

The whole process leaves its mark

Others must process its wound



A colleague’s decease

Is sad news by itself — but,

Worse when just retired


Family Tree

The concept has an atmosphere of stuffiness

Yet, it’s an adventure of secrets & naughtiness

Society’s classes & the continent’s history

Are all present in a family





My Friend

You spoke your languages

You never shunned confrontation

But always from love, so no damages

Your perspective was inspiration

I wasn’t outtalked

There were things left to say

But destiny has you walked

No, we’ll all find a new way

That’s what I hope

For now, I say goodbye

And hold on to my own rope

At this end of the sky


March 2nd

An important member of my family
Died March 2nd, long ago a tragedy
Now no mixed emotions
Just: spring comes with diversions


Thank You

My sweet neighbor was kind
I thanked his mother for their friendship
Music, laughter linger in our mind
Celebrate life through neighborship